Thursday, August 23, 2012

man pants


I have a new craze: manly pants.  I can't get enough of them.

What is this crazy mindset I've had the past 21 years that my pants either have to form fit my leg or have to be these wide leg trouser style? What ever happened to a happy medium?

Well, that middle ground has existed in menswear-inspired pants the entire time. More casual than trouser pants or dress pants, but more sophisticated than simple jeans are the man pants.

I'm being 100% serious about this.  I just bought these and these (this pair fits me considerably slouchier than the model on the website, and therefore, more accurately resembling man pants). The thing is, this style has been around forever.  Annie Hall, any one? That character had style.

But the trick to make yourself not look like you stole every single piece out of your boyfriend's closet or got stranded inside a Brooks Brothers is to insert some classically feminine wardrobe items into the outfit.  For example, yesterday I wore one pair of my new man pants and paired them with a fitted nautical striped tee and some ballet flats.

Throw on a floral scarf, something a bit sparkly, or your favorite pink lipgloss to feminize the look ever so slightly. You never want to come across as sloppy while sporting your man pants; keep the whole look put together.

Here are some images I've gathered from Pinterest to inspire some more man pant friendly ensembles!

What are some of your favorite styles to borrow from the boys?

all my love,

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