the girl

I'm Hailie.

I believe in taking regular walks with old friends; it's the best way to catch up. I write a whole bunch, read as much as I can, and constantly connect the amazing people in my life with each other. Right now, this all translates to professional storytelling and community building. I am big on family, even though my immediate one is pretty small (just Mom, Dad, and me). I have a lot of pride in my city of Houston and will talk your ear off about all the phenomenal and unique things it has to offer. And I would love to meet you over a cup of coffee.

It's a joy to see you here, friend.

"Mind you, I am not that girl. 
I'm not the girl who swings from the chandeliers and screws men because she can, 
fixing her lipstick in the rear-view mirror of a cab hailed at dawn. 
I'm the girl you call Wednesday for Saturday. 
The girl who reads Milton for fun and knows a fish fork when she sees one. 
A flirt maybe, but in that harmless, nineteenth-century, 
kiss-my-hand-and-ask-me-to-waltz kind of way. 
Mostly, I'm a thinker, a worrier. . . .It's not that there's no free spirit in me. 
But it's a free spirit with a five-year plan."

-Elizabeth Bard