Tuesday, August 21, 2012

manifesto: what i've learned this summer

Normally I save these posts for the end of each school year, allowing myself a chance to collect my thoughts and meditate on how I've changed and what I have discovered over a certain past twelve months.  But the past three months have been more of a growing and learning experience than any period of twelve months I have ever experienced.

Over this summer I have come to learn:

- that life is a precious and fragile gift to behold. Don't be reckless with it.

- that nothing is too small or simple of an action or gift not to receive a thank you note; send them for anything and everything.

- that it's beyond exciting to watch your friends carve out a future for themselves.

- that hospitals really are pretty sucky.

- that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, and that eight days is not near enough time to see even a portion of it.

- that it is possible to have both the best and worst summer of your entire life at the same time.

- that new friends can surprise you by being the most supportive friends.

- that once you start crying, stopping the tears can seem the most insurmountable task, but they gradually slow down until you're okay again.

- that a slumber party with your favorite girlfriends can help put everything into perspective.

- that spending an entire day in an art museum sounds like some kind of paradise.

- that sometimes the most honorable thing you can do is get back up after you fall down.

- that French people can dress better than you.  They always have and they always will. Just do your best to emulate them in every way.

- that allowing someone to take care of you is just as much a gift for them as it is for you.

- that men and women think more differently than you even thought.

- that music has the power to heal.

- that it's possible to be stung by a bee in the middle of the ocean. 

- that your grandparents make inappropriate jokes sometimes too.

- that nurses are God's gift to the medical profession.

- that it is no fun at all to see loved ones hurting, whether physically, emotionally, or both.

- that totaling your car can somehow be the most minor tragedy of your entire summer.

- that macarons are the most delicious sweet in the entire world, especially lemon.

- that someone may just want to spend time with you as much as you want to spend time with them.

- that pregnant women and proud expectant dads are just CUTE. And their new little babies are the most precious.

- that heartbreak can be felt physically, too.

- that you can find common ground or something to discuss with just about anyone, if you take the time.

- that mosquitos are the devil's bug.

- that your best friends' significant others can be some of the most amazing friends too.

- that not even you know what you'll want or need in a crisis, so you can't expect anyone else to either.

- that people are growing up, getting older, and moving on. And that's okay.

- that driving the 610 Loop is the perfect way to show off your new car, get a good look at your favorite city, and spend 38 miles just catching up with someone.

- that you're going to be okay. Maybe not right now. But eventually, things will get better.

all my love,


  1. you are growing so beautifully!!! i miss your face!!

  2. monster, you touch my heart in ways untold. you are all that good and brave and strong and true. i am proud to be the mother of such an inspirational little monster. ily

  3. You are truly growing into an amazing woman! Such a sweet spirit!!
    Deana Ledford