Friday, February 17, 2012

the berthas

Do you have that one group of friends that have been in your life as long as you remember? Those close childhoods friends who have seen you in every part of your life?

For me, that's the Berthas.

It started in 6th or 7th grade, I believe.   Laura Payne, Bailey Jones, Sarah Mayes, and me.  We've had our ups and downs for sure, but I love these girls the most! I cannot imagine going a day in life without talking to at least one of them (but more likely all of them). We are all individually friends with each other, but when the four of us are together, something magic happens.

Laura is my laughing friend, my fabulous friend, my smiling friend, my fashionista friend. When we are together, the giggles never stop. We first became friends back in the third grade when we both wanted to befriend the new girl, and ended up taking each other on instead. I could take on the world alongside this girl and fully plan to someday! She has drive and determination like no one I've ever met. Also, she shares my love of cats (and food! and fashion! and blogging!), a bond only few share. Visiting Laura in Austin is one of my all time favorite things to do, and thankfully she's just right up the road!

Bailey is my quiet friend, my art friend, and my friend with whom I can totally nerd out. And she appreciates it too! Bailey and I go to the same school and I cannot imagine a better friend to have taken to college with me. She knows the secret places of my heart. While we don't see each other as often as we should for living a mile or less apart, it's so reassuring to know that I can call her in a state of panic (as I do regularly, most usually with regard to my plans for life or just for my schedule next semester) and she can be there to calm me down in under five minutes, with a cup of tea in hand. Bailey constantly shocks me with her words of levelheadedness and maturity. I am lucky to have her so close!

Sarah is my forever friend. My always friend. We met when we were one year old and haven't split since. She has literally been by my side through every step in my life and she'll be with me through the rest. Sarah amazes me constantly with her dreams and goals. The hardest day of our friendship was the day she left for college all the way across the country. We have found ways to cope, as I visit her annually in Virginia and essentially insert myself into her life there. This girl is basically my other half and we pretty much come as a package deal. Also, she has an uncanny ability to read my mind and say the right thing without having to know the situation. She's my rock. She's my person. (for all you Grey's fans).

Berthas through the ages:

December 2004

May 2005 (THE PANTSUIT!)
October 2005
December 2005
December 2006
November 2007
December 2007
February 2008

April 2008
May 2008
July 2008
October 2008

February 2009
May 2009
May 2009
December 2009
January 2012
Aren't my friends GORGEOUS?

I love the Berthas with all of me! I cannot wait for a reunion SOON! Also, there's totally a reason for the name 'Bertha' but we've got to keep some things a mystery, don't we? Not to say that we didn't try a few other names...(vr!!).

Tell me about your best friends!

all my love,


  1. such a sweet post! By the way, love the new look to the blog!

  2. Oh Monster! My favorite post! I cried, I made me happy. And the Berthas are my favorite girls. I think we need more photos, though. Hahahahahaha!