Saturday, December 3, 2011

december goals

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I love December. Primarily because I love anything and everything related to Christmas, but also because of the cold weather, the time with family and friends, the gifts, the lack of school, my mom's birthday...pretty much every aspect of December is appealing except for the fact that it has an end.

Last month (at the beginning of November) I mentioned how October had more views on the blog than any previous month. Well, November had even more! THANK YOU!

As December begins (I realize we are already three days in), I will share some of my goals for this month:

1. Get through finals! I only have a test, an in-class essay, and a paper standing between me and Christmas break! HOORAY.

2. Find all the most perfect presents for my friends and family. I have already purchased a few, but I hope to find gifts for all that will be cherished and remind them of me. I love finding the perfect gift!

3. Stop correcting people's grammar in my head. I do this all the time! It's just something that bothers me, but I know I need to stop this bad practice.

4. Spend SO much time with all my wonderful friends from home. They are my version of brothers and sisters and I love them dearly!

5. Continue to OD on Christmas tunes. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

6. See lots and lots of movies. The best films are always released around Christmas time and I can't wait to hit up that theater.  If only I could still pay the CS are considerably less expensive here!

7. Get a serious, legitimate life plan in action. We'll see how this goes...

8. Enjoy a fantastic New Year's celebration, doing who-knows-what with my wonderful roomie Kathryn (and anyone else who wants to jump on board)!

all my love,

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