Thursday, December 8, 2011

finals + laptop = finding the best youtube videos around

While 'studying' for my upcoming Modern Art exam (T - 17 hours), I found a post on that led to some serious YouTubing (yes, that is, in fact, a word). Here are some of my favorites. A few of these are pretty old, but still great for distracting you from anything you need to accomplish.

1. Jim imitates Dwight.

2. GloZell does at-home spa treatments. Don't let the length of this one intimidate you.

3.  FAT CAT.

4. Scared-of-Sneezes baby.

5. Make It Rain- Anderson High School Belles.  Or really any AHS Belles videos...cause that's my roomie BAHAHAHA

6. SYTYCD- Jeanine and Jason.

7. WOO WOO! 

8. Guys gets stuck in a balloon. 

9. Diet Coke and Mentos.

10. Best of Wipeout!

11. Girl faints from marriage proposal.

12. Very Mary Kate- Moving. (This is the first of a series, watch ALL of them!)

13. Anderson Cooper giggling.

Hope you enjoy!!

all my love,

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