Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secret Life Desire

Alright, I know I am an English major and I do go to a school where the guys are not known for their keen sense of style.  Regardless, I have a new goal in life- men's stylist.  I simply love men's clothes.  I don't know why I haven't thought of this earlier.  I have always been interested in fashion.  And men's clothing is the best.  Here's the dilemma: I really do not know too many men who would hire a stylist.

I feel like I should have seen this career coming.  I do spend a considerable amount of time looking at men's clothing as evidenced by some of my blog posts.  Currently I am reading style articles at GQ's online magazine.  I sent the link of one of my favorite online men's stores to a dear friend last night (actually it was Southern Proper, one of the links from my last post) and he was excited about it and is now considering purchasing shirts from this company.

See I am already getting started?!

Maybe I can do this on the side.  Or maybe men's stylist is another responsibility of a dutiful wife, which I will one day fulfill.  Either way, I will continue to peruse the men's sections on websites like J. Crew, Rugby by Ralph Lauren, and many others.

Good grief.

All my love,


  1. You are so funny!! That would be an interesting career, makes me think of Rachel and meeting Joshua on Friends. Did you even watch that show?? Maybe I'm old....yikes!

    I adore you!

    Charley says hi :)

  2. Ahhh I have seen a few episodes of Friends, but no, I was too young and not allowed to watch it when it was popular. HAHAHA

    I adore you too! And I cannot wait to housesit for you even more when you get a brand new beautiful house! Charley and I will have fun!

  3. You are too precious! I could use you around my house. I try to buy clothes for Aubrey, but I know NOTHING about dressy men's clothes. I always have to ask his mother the important questions with the dressy stuff since she raised 2 boys.