Thursday, October 15, 2009


There are certain things about fall that I truly love. List time.

1. Candy Corn- it is probably the most delicious thing EVER. Like, so so so good.
2. Leaves changing- well, technically this happens in February where I'm from. But it is the thought that counts.
3. Peanut Butter- this really is all-seasonal, but I am eating a spoonful currently (what a perfect mid-afternoon protein pick-me-up!)
4. Sweaters- I had a sweater spree on my last trip home and I couldn't be more pleased with my collection this season.
5. Getting into the heart of good TV shows- my faves this fall: Gossip Girl (always), GLEE (best thing EVER; watch it this minute if you haven't yet), Melrose Place (trashy as they come but I'm hooked)
6. Baking- I am prepping the kitchen...
7. Cooler weather- (WHAT?!?!) it is currently 88 degrees outside. FML.
8. Academia- that's a joke. Except for three of my classes which I adore. (Shakespeare, Brit Lit, and Darwinism)
9. Visitors (and visiting ;) shh...) - not necessarily fall-related but I am having more now than ever! (FOUR this weekend alone)
10. "Autumnal"- Mom, this one is for you. :)

My life is busier than ever!! I wish I had more to add to this "lite" post today.

All my love,

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