Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silver and Gold

Well, I've been disappointed by technology. I just somehow closed a window on my computer without intent and managed to erase an almost complete post I had written. But it was a tad depressing, so maybe this accidental deletion was for the best and now I have the chance to start anew.

In listening to music recently, I've realized that, as a group, humans generically all experience the same emotions. While our experiences will be completely different, we all have the same feelings about certain things, showing a certain connection between all of mankind. This is oddly comforting to me.

So I've developed a case of insomnia. I've attempted to cure it. It began due to my crazy sleeping habits but is continuing because I seem to lack the ability to turn my brain off. I am not at all stressing, in fact I believe it is excitement more than anything about the new changes which are about to occur/occurring.

I don't want my friends to have new experiences without me though! I had my own adventure last summer and I came back to what I had left (for the most part). Whereas now, when we come home from school, we'll ALL be very different. It will be weird. I just don't know if I want that.

In addition to insomnia, I've obtained a case of midnight hunger pains. Oh yes. Feed me now. This is bad. At least there is no food in my house. If there were, well, there wouldn't be any left. And I would be much heftier.

My blog posts may not be adorably related to food and fashion like one of my dearest followers. Nor are they a chronicle of a journey to a precious baby girl. And they are not a collection of ethereal metaphors either. Just the thoughts of an 18 year old on her newest adventure, happy and sad.

All my love,

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