Tuesday, October 22, 2013

how to live a romantic life (when it feels so far from it)

london 2013

Brew yourself a cup of tea before bed.

Day dream about (and maybe even start to plan) all the wonderful trips you fully intend to take someday.

Savor every moment of rainy, overcast days.

Take some time to browse through old family photos, and wonder about the lives of your family members before you were around.

Watch a sad movie, just to get out some of the tears that feel like they may have been bottling up for no reason at all.

Red lipstick. That is all.

Take a spur-of-the-moment Saturday roadtrip to the nearest body of water.

Obsess over candles; the light they provide, the smells they share.

Wear something luxurious and throw a scarf on top. Keep everything ever-so-slightly unkempt.

Prepare a lovely homemade fancy dinner, just for yourself.

Listen to Christmas music much too early by everyone else's standards (I tend to stick to early October).

Buy bundle of inexpensive blooms from the grocery store to put all around your house.

Make the effort to tell a good friend how much you enjoy their companionship.

Keep a notebook in your bag to write down all the little things that make you smile or cause you to think or strike you as beautiful and heartbreaking throughout the day.

all my love,

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