Wednesday, October 23, 2013

around these parts: instagrams of late

Just in case you don't follow me on every single social media platform, here are some instagrams of my recent adventures.

(sidebar: I am an instagram addict with no shame)

street art in paris

art in paris

boba in paris


houston freeway

rehearsal dinner for the wilpitzs- houston

shameless selfie in houston (photobombed by the camel)

#ootd (shameless selfie) in houston

yet another shameless selfie in houston

houston beverages

houston coffee shop (brasil)

shoes in houston

houston home

houston scheduling

houston nature

houston with catherine and kathryn

manhattan (from a taxi)

houston- miller outdoor theater with the roomz

saint malo, france


art in paris

yves klein in paris

more street art in paris

#ootd in houston

hair photoshoot in the grocery store in houston

all my love,

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