Tuesday, June 18, 2013

twenty facts about hailie

1. For my 14th birthday, I received a set of Lincoln Logs. I requested a set for my birthday in eighth grade, and received them. This is the same year that I received my first cell phone (a flip phone with a color screen- WOAH), and I think I cherished the Lincoln Logs more than the cell phone.

2. When I hear a new song that I love, I listen to it on repeat nonstop for a few days. (side note: my roommate Kath does this too haha) Then I get tired of it and don't listen to it for about a week or two.

3. I have an absurd collection of cheesy picture quote images that I make my background on every device I own. They are juvenile and corny and encouraging and I LOVE THEM. Examples:

4. I am horribly afraid of scorpions. (ask me about Mexico)

5. I collect teacups and saucers!

6. I am a disorganized person. My closet, my room, purse. Rarely tidy.

7. In just one week's time, I will be jetting off to Paris for seven weeks! CANNOT WAIT.

8. Math was my best subject in high school. I studied English and art history in college.

9. I greatly enjoy public speaking, despite the fact that I am much the introvert. Speech writing and giving is fun to me! This could just be that I like to hear myself talk (HA) as I also love reading aloud.

10. I am not named after anyone, family member or otherwise, but both of my parents had picked out the name Hailie as their favorite girl name before they started dating.

11. I have a penchant for the old and nostalgic. A dream job for me would be an antique buyer, simply for the opportunity to hear the story behind every piece that I'd acquire.

12. My first non-church concert (what up, Amy Grant and Point of Grace??) was N'Sync when I was in fourth grade, and it remains the concert standard to which I compare all other concerts. Nothing has come close.

13. I have played bridge competitively. At the national level.

14. I have two fake teeth! Not as a result of having two knocked out or anything, but because I was missing the adult teeth. I had the baby teeth, but my adult lateral incisors never formed in me.

15. My two childhood home addresses and one of my college addresses had the same math quirk (6309, 2305, 1120... 6+3=0+9, 2+3=0+5, 1+1=2+0). And my two other college addresses had the same street number, which is the last three digits of my parent's home (305).  Related: I love numbers.

16. I have made it a personal goal to visit NYC at least once every two years.  Join me?

17. Not very many people call me by my actual name, and I have many many many nicknames, including: Hal, Hails, Hads, Hadsadoodle, D, Durrett, Dirty Durrett, Spud, Monster, Spudmonster, Spudmo, Mo, Moses, Hailiebug, Hailiebailie....the list goes on.

18. I was born on the 20th anniversary of the Houston Galleria, which is were my fabulous fashionista aunt and grandmother were at the moment of my birth. I feel like this explains a lot.

19. In addition to loving numbers (see #15 above), I love words! Topping my favorite words list are: echelon, vagrant, requiem, and cahoots.

20. I have stunted manual dexterity, which is credited to my short period of time spent crawling before walking. This means I drop things. A lot. And can't really draw a circle.

all my love,

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