Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i love my people

You know what?

I have a great support system (people, not undergarments...).


high school graduation luncheon

I am so grateful to have such a solid (I hate this word as a modifier referring to people, but deal with it, okay?) group of men and women cheering me on every step of the way.  I am confident that if I found myself in a pickle, there would be these exact people to help me out.

I've got my roommates who sit with me on the floor of our kitchen and plan out our lives together (and stress about how little we can actually plan).

I've got my amazing parents (and the most loving family you can imagine) who walk me and talk me through all my grown-up problems but still kiss me goodnight on nights I am in Houston.

I have tons of beautiful, godly women I consider role models who support me and always seek to encourage me even if it's been eons since we've seen each other in person.

I have the best friends from high school and before who have seen me at worst and still love me (and let me come and experience their college towns and befriend all their new friends!).

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I am blessed.

all my love,


  1. this is the sweetest post - i teared up. i LOVE that pic, and you!! xox.

  2. dearest, darlingest are quite the most precious little one. I love you and your people (friends) so very much. It is good to feel blessed! ilywmtt