Wednesday, August 10, 2011

buyer's "remorse"

So I just went shopping for a planner.  First I went to Container Store only to find out that they don't carry myAgenda (only the best planner on the market) from momAgenda any longer.  Cue panic attack.  What's a girl to do?

TWEET ABOUT IT.   It's at this point that I realize how great my friends are.  I get three different responses telling me where I can find it.  Laura suggested Target and Barnes & Noble (My two most favorite places to escape in CS.  I do this regularly.  I think I have mentioned this too many times. Christmas gift cards, anyone?).  Suzanne suggested I ditch the myAgenda and get a Lilly planner (tempting, not gonna lie, but I needed this planner now or else I was going to break out in hives).  Hannah suggested I visit Paper Source.

Well, Target was already on the to-do list, so I thought I would head that way.  I needed to return a bath mat that's just a tad too large for my new bathroom (pics soon, I pinky-promise).  But unfortunately the receipt was in my mom's handbag.  At her office.

So I decided Paper Source.  Well....we all know how little self control I have when it comes to paper goods.  Like seriously, I have more personalized stationery than I will ever be able to use.  But that's okay.  I love it all.

AND they had myAgenda!  They recently had sold out and received a new shipment TODAY!  So I bought the pool blue agenda- I need some color in my life any way.

But then I saw this adorable doodle book that my 6th-grade cousin/future fashion designer just needs for her birthday and had to purchase that as well.

Then came the ultimate decision- go to Sprinkles or drive-by the new BHLDN store that has yet to open.  I decided to save the calories and check out the new store.

OH MY LANTA.  That window display is AMAZING.  Completely gorgeous.  There's a giant swan (sounds creepy, promise it isn't) and all sorts of fantastic frocks for all too see.  I died.

It inspired me so much that I just had to stop inside of Anthropologie, DUH.  Where I bought earrings (already wearing them), a poetry book (I'm trying to make myself like it), and a delicious candle (for the new house, of course).
new things!

This is the problem with making real money from a real job.  I buy things.  But you know what, I firmly believe that my life will be improved by all of these things.

So there.

All my love,

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