Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ramblings on a tuesday night

Hello friends!

Tonight I am studying.  Not as intensely as two weeks ago, but pretty hard nonetheless.

I have a lab final tomorrow, which will be fine, just something I have to suck up and do.

I also have a group project due Thursday.  We've finished the presentation aspect of it (the roughest part, in my opinion.  Coordinating schedules is rough.) but I still need to prepare for it.  Oh well.

So I sit here in a coffee shop, catching up on my blogs while my Earl Grey cools and I mentally prep myself for geology.  You have to do that, you know.  You cannot simply jump into geology...takes some gearing up.  This is why I am an English major.

Today I am inspired by this lovely blog post.  How wonderful!

Today I am also wishing I were a princess.  Or marrying a prince at least.  Kate Middleton catches all the breaks, huh?

I watched the Lifetime movie of the two royal lovebirds last night and am feeling more and more that my prince must be waiting just around the corner.  P.S. Dude, I am waiting for ya.

I simply cannot wait for the ROYAL WEDDING.  Oh my goodness, this may be the highlight of my year. I am so thrilled!!!

Sidenote: Today I cannot get enough of blue gingham styled with gold accessories.  Such a perfect combo.  Maybe that's because it's what I am wearing today.  Maybe it is because I am going back to my roots...go Eagles.  Who knows? Crisp blue gingham and warm gold accents.  I see serious potential here. The intertwining of a super casual fabric and a super luxurious material. Just so appealing.

Also, this couple canoodling at the table next to mine in the coffee shop...they make me want to VOM. Go home. Save the canoodles for later.  Coffee shop does not equal canoodle time.  Just a thought.  In case you haven't picked it up yet, I am anti-PDA.  Perhaps because I am single...?  I'm not going to over-analyze this one.

I hope you all are having such a perfect evening!

all my love,


  1. hailie... you need to be a fashion writer. just saying. juuuuust an idea :)

  2. i hope you were listening to new music? i love blue gingham...maybe almost any gingham. it's crisp, clean, summery and cool. it also makes you feel cheerful and think happy thoughts. i hope you bring your new gingham shirt home this weekend to wear?

    love you, monster!