Friday, April 15, 2011

let's hear it for the boys

ATTENTION MALE READERS (not just you, Dad...although you might be the only one.  Love you!)

I now style men!  I can help you with anything and everything wardrobe/style/fashion/image related.

Over Thanksgiving I helped my best friend save lots of money and buy some key pieces for his fall/winter wardrobe.  He since has asked me to help style him for his big-time summer internship.

Then...word spread and I now have at least two more boys to help out.  And I simply cannot wait.

Men's fashion is just the best.  It's all about putting your best foot forward.  Looking polished and put together, even if you are just wearing a t-shirt.

Oh man, I am pumped.

Here are some things I find inspiring for boys' clothing.

And some of my favorite men's blogs that also help to inspire:
The Sartorialist (for some great on-the-streets style)
A Suitable Wardrobe (this one is just great)
Sartorially Inclined (so careful, a video starts as soon as you open it, so it may make some noise)
The American Gentleman (how to be an ideal man in every way)
1001 Rules for My Unborn Son (how to be COOL)
How to Talk to Girls at Parties (one of the funniest blogs I have ever read)
Street Etiquette (basically the most fashion forward men's website online from two awesome NYC boys. And I am OBSESSED.)

all my love,

P.S. call me if you need some new boy's clothing! I can help :)


  1. i love this and am totally jealous :) well i guess i will always have my brother to style for the rest of his life... well at least until he gets it. po child coming down to lunch with orange basketball shorts and a red tshirt. oh no, honey child, no... oh collin. haha love you!! i get to see you soooon!!

    oh aaaand i applied for the houstonian! hah "i wanna be like you-oo-oo"
    but nah i just need a freakin job lol and everything's taken but i got an email back asking for me to call the job lady there (so i'm calling tm). gotta schedule an interview then hopefully i'll get it... bc god knows i need a yob :P
    sorry this is a super long comment but you know you love it <3

  2. I can see you working for a style magazine when you graduate or in NYC somewhere in the fashion scene. :)