Sunday, February 20, 2011

today i believe

With inspiration from this lovely blog series, I'll be sharing some things I believe in.

...that decorating your OWN room, from scratch (furniture and EVERYTHING) may just be enough to make you start feeling like a real grown-up.

...that men's fashion magazines are much more clear and easy-to-read than any Vogue I've ever picked up.

...and that it is okay to be jealous of that.

...that I am more like Popster than I will ever care to admit.

...that it is perfectly acceptable to let someone take care of you.

...that actually accepting that is a lot harder than writing it.

...that it is SO fun to be excited for one of your best friend's first real relationship.

...that writing things out makes it a lot easier to clear out your head.

...that a high dosage of caffeine can cure ANY ailment.

...that we all need to get over our fear of color. #livecolorfully

...that sharing is caring and cash is king.

...that IHOP date nights with the Fab Four (plus or minus some extra-special lovelies) can't be beat.

...that no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves, IHOP will never ever be as good as House of Pies.

...that a roadtrip with your best friend(s) makes the world go 'round.

...that one dinner with your parents can conquer any bout of homesickness.

...that sometimes you have to just roll down your windows and blare Justin Bieber tunes, even if the drivers around you are laughing.

...that even just a little bit of sparkle and glitter can make you feel like a princess.

...that a Whataburger run and late night creeping will never be understood by your parents.

...that having inspirational quotes tacked onto your desk may just be exactly what you need to get through those late study nights.

...that having pink and zebra French tips on your nails is the epitome of small-town "beauty."

...that your BC Besties will stick with you til the end.

...that you can never watch your favorite YouTube video too many times.

...that it is okay to like the Glee version of the song better than the original.  Sometimes.

...that not making your bed on Sundays is totally fine.

...that "adopted" family is just as adequate as the real one.

...that having endless Word documents with all your favorite quotes and song lyrics is the best way to keep track of them.

...that the best conversations can occur in a parking lot while wearing pajamas and sipping on a Sonic Ocean Water.

...that school trips are always better.

...that spending more time on design blogs than on Facebook is totally permissible.

...that sometimes, you just have to open up.

...that looking as beautiful as my Sita is all I really want.

...that crying once a week, even if it is just because of a silly Kodak commercial, is perfectly normal.

...that the benefits of being a regular at your favorite restaurants and coffee shops far outweigh the allure of that new place down the road.

...that the best beauty products can be purchased at Walgreens.

...that I will never get over my obsession with Will and Jada Smith's children

...that nothing is better than my mom's chicken and dumplings.  Or her spaghetti.

...that the best person in the world to call and vent to about every single aspect of your life is your bestest forever friend.  Even if she is 1,302 miles away.

all my love,


  1. this might be one of my favorite posts. you are such a lovely interesting and funny, and so truly beautiful in heart and grace. i am humbled to be part of your simply said journey! ilysmaichwtswtfhfy.

  2. i'll be the plus-one, extra-special lovely any day, nugget.

  3. Love, love, love this post! I may just copy it! Love you...and your bestest friend, too!