Wednesday, February 16, 2011

swooning over BHLDN

Oh hello!

Where have I been, you might ask?  Well, I just so happen to have been obsessively perusing over Anthropologie's newest endeavor: BHLDN. (I may have had a geology exam in there some time too...maybe)  Isn't this just the best thing that has ever happened? Yes, yes it is.

I think you all should get a peek at some of my favorites.  There are quite a few, so enjoy!

Frozen Rock Necklace

100 Pearls Necklace
Spinel Strand
Meadowlark Ring
Floret Ring
*Petaled Topaz Ring*
Undulating Vermeil Hoops
*Cherished Heart Posts*
Deco Posts
*Infinite Earrings*
Lovesome Hoops
Chime Earrings
*XO Studs*
Smoky Quartz Earrings
Saturn Drops
Caviar & Crystal Drops
*I-Love-You Earrings*
DRESSES: (basically bridesmaids' dresses, or lovely things to wear for any other occasion)
Gin Fizz Shift
Origami Pleated Dress
Sculptural Corset Dress
*Beribboned Dress*
*Filigree Cupcake Dress*
Willow Dress
Indigo Mist Dress
Pastille Mini Dress
*Starburst Pleated Dress*

*Bow-Topped Slingbacks*
Moonlit Peep-Toes
Clipped Corolla Heels
Flouncy Peep-Toes
Threshold Slingbacks
Entwined Belt
Anemone Brooch
*Serpentine Belt*
And finally....what we have ALL been waiting for....

*Ribboned Silk Gown*
Pleated Fantasy Gown
*Tulle Era Dress*
Fondant Tea Dress
Burnished Organza Gown
*Sweeping Taffeta Ball Gown*
Photo Credits: all from the BHLDN website.

In case you haven't clued in yet, the asterisks indicate obsession status.  ************

all my love,


  1. this is the dress i love best!

  2. Anthro makes me swoon, too! If there were one in Mobile, I'd be in deep trouble with my pocket book!