Thursday, October 14, 2010

"...and then it was like the whole world clicked into place."

Let me share with y'all a little story my art history professor shared with our class a few weeks ago.

He decided to tell us how he became interested in art history.  Originally he had graduated from college with a degree in something business-y (wow, you can tell how interested in business I am, huh?).  He worked independently as a consultant for many years until hired by Motorola.  One day they sent him to France for some global telecommunications conference or something (again, so business oriented over here).  He decided to go to the Louvre (as any visitor to Paris should, despite the fact I have not been there).  So there he is, just hanging out at the Louvre and he looks in front of him and sees this:
This is a painting by Jacques Louis David called the Sabine Women finished in 1799 depicting the tale of the creation and population of Rome by Romulus and Remus (they kidnapped and raped some ladies from Sabine to populate the city...classy.) In the center is Hersilia between her father and husband as she tells the warriors on both sides not to take wives away from their husbands or mothers away from their children.  Her position struck my professor very boldly as he turned to his right and saw this:


Which is the Nike of Samothrace from second century BC Greece.  He noticed that both Hersilia and Nike stood in similar positions, with a force opposing them.   All of a sudden, he said, the world clicked into place for him and everything made sense.  A painter from revolutionary France was inspired by a staute from 190 BC Greece.  It was there that my professor realized the power of art.  He went back home, quit his job, enrolled in grad school to earn a degree in art history and eventually received his doctorate.  There is not a day he wakes up regretting his decision or not dying to come in and teach us and share the passion he has for art history.

As soon as Dr. Caffey finished telling this story, I realized that there were a few (not many, nothing noticeable) tears forming in my eyes.  This story touched me in so many ways.  I knew then that art history was for me.  Wisely I added it as a minor a month ago- so no need to worry, friends.  But when I think about how someone else out there can feel the passion I feel for something as seemingly simply as oil paint on a canvas or some carved marble, I just get the chills. 

That night when I got home I decided to look up some art history grad programs.  None really stuck out to me.  Until I found this... (Look at ALL of it!)
I have found my future!  Friends, this is where I want to go.  So jump on the bandwagon with me and encourage these dreams.  New York, watch out, HAILIE DURRETT is coming for you!!

Not sure what I will do once I graduate, but this opens a lot of doors for me and it has always been a secret life goal of mine to open an art gallery...this is a start.


All my love,

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