Monday, February 15, 2010

I wish I dated a rugby player. Or at least someone who dressed like one.

I am updating in less than a week of my previous post. This is a vast improvement, friends. Currently I am wide awake. Probably because I slept in a LITTLE too late this morning. Oh well.

On nights like this where I am trying to find things to occupy my time and suck up my energy, I like to go shopping online. And as anyone can plainly might just be a weakness of mine. I have a new favorite online store. I am completely obsessed. If I ever saw a male who looked like the models on this page or even just simply wore these clothes I would INSTANTLY run over and throw myself upon the specimen. I mean, seriously, look at these clothes. Also, I LOVE how this is more than just an online store, it has a blog and so much more! This obsession is unhealthy.

Furthermore, I have fallen in love with J. Mendel's spring collection. The colors, the draping, the textures, it's all so inspirational.

Alright my materialist post is complete.

Goodnight to all. All my love,

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