Monday, December 2, 2013

life and death

I have recently been presented with many instances of death and new life. These deaths that I hear about have had an effect on me stronger than normal, and these lines from John Donne ring strongly in my heart as I consider them.
"Any man's death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind."
-No Man is an Island by John Donne
But in addition to these many instances of death heavy on my heart and present in my mind, there are instances of new life. A dear friend recently gave birth to the most perfect baby girl (on my own birthday, no less!). I have gotten to hold this sweet, beautiful little one a few times now, and my heart aches with joy knowing that this girl, this person, has her entire life ahead of her. As her parents celebrated her first and second weeks of life, I can only imagine how those weeks will turn to months and years and eventually comprise lifetime.  I dream of how she will take her first steps, how she will get her heart broken, how she will conquer her fears, and how she will reach her goals. 

There remains something truly beautiful and incredible and hopeful and promising about seeing all these possibilities in new life, knowing that for her, and for each new little wonderful baby, the best is yet to come. And somehow in realizing that, I take comfort in the fact that my life is just as beautiful and just as promising and just as unknown, even a full twenty three years into it. 

all my love,

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  1. So much ahead of you, dear Monster! Adventures, triumphs and even some heartache...but it will be the grandest experience you will ever have. I am so proud of the 23 years you have already fully embraced. Live and love BIG, dear one. You only get this one life!! Ilywmtt.