Monday, October 7, 2013

durrett lessons: what Honey has taught me

In honor of the Durrett Bowl 2013 coming up this weekend (what my family calls the now annual Ole Miss/A&M football game), I am starting a series about my favorite Durretts and the things they have taught me over the years.

Let's begin with the fabulous Durrett matriarch, my paternal grandmother, Carolyn Durrett. Or as the grandchildren call her, Honey.

honey, september 1964

honey and baby hailie

summer 2009

march 2013

What Honey taught me:

-Always set the table properly, even when you're just eating take-out or fast food.

-Stick with neutrals.

-Always read the owner's manual (the whole thing!).

-Travel everywhere, and often.

-Surround yourself with art and other beautiful things.

-Don't leave the house without wearing perfume.

-The best meals are eaten by candlelight with the people you love.

-Color code your closet.

-Never stop educating yourself.

-Treat each of your children and grandchildren as individuals, and develop a unique relationship with each. They can be your best friends.

-Collect things and memories.

-Read, read, READ.

-Everything tastes better homemade.

-It is never too late in life for a drastic career change.

-Accessorize with big, bold jewelry.

-Have fun! Dance in the kitchen, laugh always, seek adventures.

-Never be afraid of smudging your lipstick to kiss someone.

-Passionately pursue your interests.

-Museum gift shops are the place to have a shopping spree.

-The packaging is just as important as the product inside.

-Don't be afraid to start a DIY project, but also don't shy away from calling the pros when you get yourself in way over your head.

-Always opt for the extended, guided tour. You never know what you'll find out!

-There is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate, just start adopting holidays from other cultures. (We celebrate Dia de los Muertos in my family every year).

-Value tradition, but don't be afraid to change things up a little bit. Serve crab or enchiladas for Christmas dinner.

-Marrying an eccentric Southern gentleman will keep life interesting.

-Love fiercely and be passionate.

all my love,

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