Wednesday, July 24, 2013

maison prelle

Perhaps the coolest thing I have done in Paris since getting here...

Maison Prelle is a silk manufacturer from Lyon that started in 1752 (hello, that's before America was even a country. what.) that has its main showroom in Paris, with others in Lyon and New York. In my fashion class, we were able to go to the showroom and learn more about this historic business, as well as learn the trends in silks from the mid-eighteenth century until now. Maison Prelle has had some major commissions and clients, most recently the redecorating of the Opera Garnier and the Marie Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola. Additionally, we learned in-depth how the silk manufacturing process happens.

Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone with me, so please pardon the poor quality of photos.

But, OH my goodness, this was amazing.

the most luxurious velvet I've ever touched

more yummy velvet, plus my professor's tote bag

comparing the evolution of patterns

the method used to die this fabric was fascinating! no, it's not blurry, that's the pattern.

this was used on a dress that Kirsten Dunst wore in Marie Antoinette

samples upon samples

modern furniture mixed with antique fabrics- tres chic!

amazing collection of antique fans

per usual, the herringbone floors that make my heart flutter

I highly encourage anyone to stop by the next time you're in Paris. Maison Prelle is SO wonderful.

all my love,

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