Wednesday, February 27, 2013

you're doing just fine

Sometimes things seem a little crazy. Sometimes life seems completely out of control.

Sometimes you're deciding if you and your boyfriend should stay together when he is about to move out of state for the next year. Sometimes you spend your summer with a family member at a hospital instead of galavanting across Europe. Sometimes you worry one of your best friends has feelings for you and how that will affect the friendship if he does. Sometimes you're figuring out if you should buy a car right now. Sometimes you're going through the messiest of breakups. Sometimes you're figuring out where you should go to grad school, or if you should just start working. Sometimes you're trying to figure out if your boyfriend sees a future with you. Sometimes you don't even know how to begin the job search when everyone around you seems to have a job already. Sometimes you're just waiting for that cute accounting student to text you again. Sometimes you're trying to balance school and work and family and friends and your relationship and other commitments. Sometimes you have unresolved feelings for that forever friend of yours, the one that you always wondered 'what if?'.  Sometimes you're not sure who you should be pleasing right now. Sometimes you realize you have far too many connections to that ex of yours. Sometimes you get sick right in the middle of midterms. Sometimes your best friend is about to get married and move halfway across the country, and just the thought of that brings you to tears.  Sometimes stuff happens.

But you are handling all of this as well as you can. You are gathering your resources. You are leaning on your friends and family for support. You are facing each day with a renewed sense of bravery and confidence and courage.

You will make it through this. You always do. Do not forget that.

all my love,

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