Wednesday, January 23, 2013

inspiration round-up: stripe addiction


Really, that's all there is to it.

If a shirt has stripes on it, chances are I will try it on, and most likely buy it. It's an addiction really. I would go count all the striped shirts/sweaters/dresses I have in my closet right now, but honestly I don't want to know how many.  It's a lot.

There's something about striped tops. They're so sailor, so gamine, so preppy and so French. And always in style.  There is no decade when a striped shirt would look out of place. And you can simply throw one on like a t-shirt, but you look so put-together.

So basically, they're perfect.

Here are some images from about the web (all images either from my pinterest or tumblr, see links for original credit) that are sparking a desire for even more stripes in my closet.

all my love,
HAD (in stripes!)

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