Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the fragile days

Emotions are tricky.  Feelings are weird.  Sometimes you just feel fragile. And it doesn't matter where the fragility comes from, it could be just an off day, or it could be the result of terrible news or heartache or a head cold or an unkind word or a rainy forecast.  But the fragile days happen.

Fragile days are the hardest ones around.  Harder than angry days. Harder, even, than the sad days, though sometimes they overlap.  And significantly harder than the happy days and the ambitious days and the powerful days.

Sometimes it seems like a much better idea to ignore the fragile days and pretend to be strong all the time. Sometimes the best plan seems to be to power through all on your own.

But the fragile moments can be the most beautiful ones.  The days you feel most vulnerable and raw and open and exposed can be the days you learn the most about yourself.  That pure emotion of tenderness is not one to be taken lightly.  

You are your most honest and lovely at times like this; don't be afraid to show this side of you to people who care about you.  Let them in, let them help you through the tender days. Let yourself work through the moment at your own pace.  Always remember that you will get through this, you will gain your strength again.  Tomorrow is another day.  And you are that much closer to it. 

Embrace the fragile days; accept them for what they are worth, be honest with yourself and treat your heart with the care and tenderness it deserves. And maybe a big warm bowl of tomato basil soup.

all my love,

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