Tuesday, October 9, 2012

dream job: interior designer

So recently, I have been asked by a few different people to help them decorate their homes, whether it be a new home or apartment, or just sprucing up the place they've always lived.  At first, I was incredibly intimidated by the notion of helping another person create their home, their sanctuary, their own personal space.  But as some of these projects began, I started really digging into the process, and have grown to love it, even to the point of now considering it as a career choice.

Anyway, point of the story is that I have been pouring over design blogs day and night to find inspiration for these projects.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

So tell me, could you see me as an interior designer? Let me know.

all my love,

None of these images are my own; please click through for source.

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