Wednesday, September 5, 2012

hailie the selfish senior


I am taking this time to make a public declaration: this year, I will be selfish.

Not selfish in the gimme-more, all-about-Hailie sense, but more in the about-time-I-take-care-of-myself kind of way. This summer was full of craziness, and I seem to have lost myself along the way.  I have turned into this person that I never imagined or wanted myself to be, and I need to change that.  So for this academic school year, from now until the time I graduate (wait...I have to stop being a student? That sucks.), I am going to work on ME. I am also about to get a tad personal here on the blog, so bear with me. Here's how I plan to accomplish this:

1. Get healthy! If we are being honest here, I fill my body with crap.  This year I intend to transition myself to a whole foods, plant-based healthy eating lifestyle, with inspiration from the coolest health blog ever, Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth.  This will kick start with the Skinny Bunny cleanse, and then transition to healthy eating habits. Also, this semester I am registered for a Beginners' Yoga course, and am a newly converted yoga-addict (who knew?).  And, I have a new workout accountability partner, my BFF Laura from Closet in Bloom.

2. Recenter myself spiritually.  Somehow this summer, as I have mentioned, I seem to have lost my true self.  Formerly, I perceived myself as a level-headed, calm-in-a-storm, problem solver.  Now I cannot seem to shake this overwhelming feeling that I am always on the brink of things flying out of control.  I cry at a moment's notice. I feel like I have been living in fear (of who knows what), and I need to relinquish that. There are an assortment of ways I am going to do this, including: learning how to open up to people and share my thoughts/concerns/worries/fears/feelings (which just might be the hardest thing on earth for me to do); spending more time with the Lord through prayer, meditation, and reading the Bible (recently downloaded the Jesus Calling app, which I love! Check it out. You can set alarms on it to remind you to read that day's devotional); truly working on stress relieving techniques (yoga will help with this, as will wine...); and accepting the fact that I am not in control, but I am always taken care of.

3. Surround myself with beauty and creativity. Recently I posted some inspiring and encouraging verses and quotes around my room.  I have a few new pieces of art I want to hang in my room. I will spend time with the people whom I love and who uplift me. I will enjoy the little things.  I am taking the coolest classes this semester and learning such cool things. I will make a point to look and feel my best each and every day. I will light my new favorite candle on mornings when I need an extra boost. And I will get regular manicures (yes, this can be a goal and can make you feel that much better). And I will find joy and beauty in the mundane. I will listen to more music, and quality music at that.

4. Write.  I will make a point to write EVERY day.  As an English major, it should not be hard to find a reason to write, but I want this to be more about myself.  Write down what I am thinking. Write down the things which are causing me to worry. Whether that be in a letter, a journal, an email or a blogpost, I will write daily.

Any other tips to help with the Hailie Betterment Project? Let me know.

I love you all.

all my love,

The Lord will fight for you; you need only BE STILL. Exodus 14:14


  1. It's not selfish sweet girl. Put yourself first so you can give your best! I'm cheering you on!!
    Xo Aunt Kathy

  2. little monster, when did you become so grown up? ...and where was I? I love you, dear girl and am inspired by your goals. your determination is a force of nature and I have no doubt about your success in achieving what you set your mind to accomplish. Si se puede

  3. This was great - ILY. You are wonderful. xxxo