Thursday, September 13, 2012

a perfect day

Today I feel very much myself.

I woke up this morning to drink a cup of herbal tea and edit a paper for a friend. As previously mentioned I'm sure, I get some weird pleasure from taking someone's thoughts and ideas and helping polish them into a beautiful work of writing. This was the first paper I have edited this semester, and I was in heaven.

Then I read for a while, which makes me feel better no matter what I am reading.  This morning it was poetry (which is not my norm).

After reading the weather forecast, I decided it was the perfect day to break out a snuggly black sweater. As soon as I did, the winds began blowing, the trees began stirring, the clouds gathered, and thunder pealed through the sky. Nothing makes me happier than a good storm, especially if I am curled up in my coziest dark clothes.  

I am extraordinarily content.

Just pass me a cigarette, a bongo drum, and a beret; we've got a beatnik in the making over here.

all my love,

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