Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So I got my first iPhone a couple weeks (months) ago and STILL cannot get over instagram.

I know, some people consider it to be faux-hipster, wannabe-indie, etc.  Whatever.  I love it. Then again, in middle school I used to say the Garden State soundtrack was my favorite album of all time, and honestly, I've yet to see the movie. So my opinion is invalid.

Anyway one thing I hate (slash secretly love) is that on the interwebs, you can make yourself seem considerably cooler than you actually are.  Such is the case with instagram.

So here's how cool I like to make other people think I am:
new ksny purchase!
at the ballet
book commemorating my visit to NYC

college baseball playoffs 
luxury toiletries samples
creeping on someone #streetstyle
iPod from yesteryear 
hot tea and studying 
road trip sunrise
experimenting with dry ice
vietnamese feast
sideways cross bracelet
shoe lust
new watch purchase

all my love,

p.s. the rest of my pics

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