Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the perfect cold weather beverage

A few years ago, I was at my friend Kimber's house, following our weekly walk around the block. It was January, and quite chilly outside, I must say. She began to prepare a warm drink for us, and asked if I wanted peppermint or chai hot chocolate.  Having never consumed chai hot chocolate, I decided I might give it a try. She began to heat milk over the stove and added in the cocoa, as one normally does to make hot chocolate.  Then she got out two chai tea bags and placed them in the pot as well.  She continued to stir the hot cocoa and let the chai steep as we warmed our hands and feet by the fire.  As soon as the beverage was handed to me, I finished it, having tasted one of the most delicious things in my entire life.

The next year, I was away for my first year of college and stopped into Jamba Juice one day to grab a smoothie on my way to class.  I noticed that they were changing the menus on their display to add some holiday/wintertime drinks. One of the drinks listed was the Perfectly Chocolate Chai Latte. I knew that once the weather turned cold, this would be my first stop! A few weeks later, I booked it on over to Jamba and ordered myself a Chocolate Chai. MY WORD, it was just as delicious as I remembered.

Earlier this afternoon, I ran to HEB to grab some groceries to tide me over until I return to Houston. While there, I picked up some Swiss Miss and some chai tea. Tonight while studying I found myself becoming quite chilled as I finished my homework assignments. I pranced down the stairs and started to prepare a chocolate chai for myself and am enjoying it more than you can imagine! All I did was make the hot cocoa according to the package, and set in a tea bag for about three minutes.  The only thing I think that could improve this would be a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of whipped cream on top, and to be able to enjoy it with my friend Kimber.

all my love,

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