Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my get-away

Are there places you go sometimes and you feel like you are home when you are there? Even if it isn't your house, or really any place you can claim at all?

For me this place is Barnes & Noble.

B&N is a place of comfort.  Walking in to this massive bookseller chain does not scream 'capitalism' to me, but rather gives me a sense of restfulness. It's really a combination of everything B&N has to offer. 

Upon entering its two sets of paned double doors, I am immediately struck by the fusion of smells of freshly brewed coffee from the B&N Cafe and the ink and paper and binding glue of the countless new books lining shelf upon shelf (are those not the two best smells ever?).  The somewhat-lofty-but-still-homey high ceilings and expansive floor plan lend to a feeling of imminent adventure to be derived from potentially finding a new favorite book. The natural color palette of ivy green and maple just adds to the rustic, unmatched environment. Hushed whispers hardly distinguishable over the sorta-indie-but-still-kinda-mainstream music in addition to the flipping of pages seem to fade away as I become more deeply wrapped up into a book I may (most-likely) end up buying. 

And the sense of accomplishment and excitement upon finding a book (or five) to take home and the warmth and jitters from the coffee I have been casually sipping for the past half hour (or longer) as I pour over my options round out the B&N experience as I venture giddily to my car with my newest treasures in tow.

If you can't tell, I'm basically in love with a bookstore.

all my love,

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