Thursday, October 6, 2011

michael kors vs. henri bendel

While in NYC this summer, I stopped in Henri Bendel (fave store, duh!) and bought this cute bracelet:
credit: Henri Bendel
I love it! I wear it almost daily.  One of my new favorite pieces. An instant classic. I actually had a hard time picking this one out over all the other gorgeous bangles (and other jewelry) at the store (which you can see here) such as this and this:

Then at Nordstrom the other day, I saw Michael Kors recently released a new line of jewelry.

Any body else seeing double?

Also, the reason I was at Nordstrom last weekend was to pick up my Michael Kors watch that I bought in the 2010 Anniversary Sale.
I took it back to Nordstrom because one of the tortoise links snapped and broke.  Unfortunately the link was attached to the clasp and couldn't be replaced in store.  It was sent to "Michael Kors headquarters" and they repaired it for $25. 

While I was waiting at the counter, staring at all of the gorgeous watches which are now on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist (hint: see below), another customer was returning her Michael Kors watch for the same thing!
Burberry watch on the wishlist

Suffice it to say, I will no longer be purchasing Michael Kors watches.


all my love,

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