Thursday, October 20, 2011

campus attire

I saw a man (not a boy, simply based on how sophisticated he appeared. age yet to be determined) on campus (in Azimuth, the cafe in Langford, the architecture building) wearing a tweed suit, a denim chambray button-down, a deep red knit tie, and double monk shoes.  If he had not been talking to people, I honestly think I would have stopped him and told him how well dressed he was.  Sir, if you're out there reading my blog, I AM SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE.

Then, I bee-bopped on over to my next class, only to see a dude sporting a rumpled argyle sweater and flannel pajama pants. What?! Who told you that was okay to wear ever?

I thought maybe this guy was a tad off his rocker, and the only one who would ever commit such an atrocity.  Then, walking to my car after class I saw a girl wearing Nike shorts and a big sweatshirt (not up to my standards, but socially acceptable) and microfiber fuzzy brightly colored socks in her polar fleece Walmart slippers! WHAT? You're letting me down, Aggieland.

People. Pajamas are for bed. Slippers are for home. THE END.

all my love,

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