Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hair tricks: the headband no-heat curl


I've done it. I tried an at-home beauty tip with SUCCESS. This doesn't happen to me.

So all over pinterest and the blog-o-sphere are theses success (and failure) stories for no-heat hair curling.  I tried the sock bun method to no avail.  Not that my hair was flat and had some more bounce to it. But nothing that would qualify as 'curly.'

So then I tried the headband method.

Yes, based on the video I was SCARED to death.  First of all, she and I have COMPLETELY different hair textures. Secondly, hers got a tad tangled and I have this fear of tangles.  But really, I hate them.

Regardless I decided to give it a whirl.




photo reminiscent of GloZell?

So a few things:
1. I did it about two hours after I had gotten out of the shower.  So my hair was dry for the most part (I turbie-twisted it and let it air dry down for a while) but still had some dampness.

2. Next time I would want to use some mousse or curly hair product, just to help it set better. I didn't put any product in it before or after the headband and they still stayed curly all day. But I think product might make it more voluminous or more curl than twist perhaps? Who knows.

3. The back was only curly on the lower half- I still need to find a remedy for this. Though it is not visible if you pull your hair half up. Any other suggestions?

4. The curls were considerably tighter than I am used to on my hair.  Even after combing through them and shaking them, they remained kinky. I might wrap larger sections of hair around the headband next time to eliminate this problem.

5. During lab, you must wear your hair up, so I threw it up into a ponytail- super cute! Like way cuter than your average pulled back hairstyle.  Also, made a much better messy bun.  And it was still curly after I took it out of each.

Overall, this was a SUCCESS! HOORAY!  I will definitely be returning to this method in the future for curling my hair.  It only took about ten minutes to wrap it before bed and about five to ten minutes to style it in the morning.

What are your favorite at-home hair tricks? Share them here! I would love to try them out!

all my love,


  1. Saw this on pinterest, watched the youtube girl's video, saw your post - clearly a sign I need to try this! I'll probably wrap larger sections of hair to create looser curls, good suggestion.

  2. Found this on pinterest, super great. But!! How do you take it out of your hair???? The first tiem I had to cut it out, and the second time it was so tangled up I had to pull it out, breaking a bunch of my hair off!!! :( Help! Any tips?

  3. Tory- Make sure you use a cloth and not a rubber headband. Also, try to find one that no metal parts.

    If you're still having issues, try using some detangling spray before you wrap the curls and after if they're still giving you trouble. Hope this helps!

  4. Can you describe how many hours exactly this curl would stay without any curl product?
    I took a trial on it last night, but I don't feel comfortable to sleep with the headband. Felt like there was something bulge on the back of my head :)
    So I took it off after putting it on about 2 hours. Honestly with that short time I got the best wave ever. Really that was the first I am thinking I am gorgeous lol! But as there was still the dampness on my hair when I unwind the headband, the curl only stayed about...well, less than an hour I think. If I can have it about 3 to 4 hours without any product I would love to try it this weekend.
    Wish you reply on this fast :)
    I am so excited and can't wait any longer to give my hair a full trial.

    1. Nayla-
      This curl stayed in until I washed my hair the next day, but my hair was completely dry before taking it. Perhaps, if it remains uncomfortable for you to sleep on, rough dry your hair partially before wrapping it and then leave it in for an abbreviated time, then blowdry the wrapped hair until dry before taking it down. The key is to make sure it gets dry all the way!

      Then after, if you'd like, use a small amount of hairspray after styling it to set everything in place. My favorite hairspray is the anti-humidity volumizing hairspray from Garnier. Not sticky at all, and it truly helps to give my hair volume!

      Let me know if it works! Best of luck to you!

    2. Which one work best you think to make the curls stay long? Hair mousse or hairspray?
      Oh one more... It was quite difficult for me to wrap the back part of my hair. It was kind of a little bit messy when I reach the back part (I can't have smooth back wrap just like yours in the picture above). Do you also have this problem in your first trial? Or is it all about practice?

    3. I've never used a mousse product for this, but I think it is definitely worth trying!

      And getting the back down is ALL about practice. It helps if you wrap the sides up into each other, if that makes sense. You sort of have to wrap each side around the headband over the hair that has already been wrapped around it from the alternate side of your head. They'll overlap a tad. I hope that's clear!

  5. I did it Hailie! Yay! I am so amazed with the curls on my head :)
    I still couldn't get that tidy wrap on the back part so I came out with this idea. Instead of wrapping the side part first, I wrap the back part first then continue it up to the side. It helps much to lessen the tangles which usually happen when I unwind the headband. I did it in early morning, I let the hair wrapped for about 5 hours and I get the curls I want. I took your advice to wrap large section of hair to get loose curly. Thank you Hailie :)

  6. Has anyone ever tried perming your hair while wrapped like this?

    1. I haven't, but I imagine it would work much in the same way!

  7. I parted the crown into another section and did two headbands...the one on top i left loose (not stretched over my head at all. This made it curly all the way down the back.

  8. Nice post..Thank you for this wonderful ideas you have discuss to your blog, I've learn from it.

  9. I hope this works like literally my hair is so fine you dont even understand! do you have any pointers for someone with hair of my sorts?? Thanks so much!

    1. I have thin hair, too! I like to use a thickening spray. At the moment, I am using this one from Rusk and I love it.

  10. This link doesn't work. Could you post the url, please?