Monday, March 7, 2011

thoughts during english teatime in a small texas town

I am sitting here.  In my room, in this big house, in a very small town.  Drinking a cup of Bigelow English Teatime tea.  I wonder if someone else, somewhere else (perhaps in England!) is doing the same thing. 
my very big house in a very small town
I am reading about fossils today.  How they are formed, how you can tell age from them...basic GEOL 101 information.  The science behind all of it bores me.  What can I say...I just don't get anything from numbers and facts.  But the thought that these were different creatures that roamed the earth many many years ago- well, that just bewilders me.  I can barely swallow the fact that I am twenty years old.  I am also reading about the Grand Canyon.  And I am going to be there next week!  Crazy how the stuff you learn in school can actually apply to your real life, isn't it? (Joke.)

I am thinking about planning out the rest of my afternoon and evening.  I've got to finish learning geology...official countdown for this test is sixteen hours remaining.  I have a meeting at 6:30pm.  I have to eat dinner sometime before that.  I am going to visit some people from my high school who are on a tour of campus (the teachers are the ones I am visiting, not the students...and I am closer to the teachers' ages.  There's a potential meltdown somewhere in there I know it.)  I am excited!

I am remembering what it feels like to watch a TV show (a drama, not some silly comedy) where the character is going through something that you are also experiencing.  This happened last night. Not fun.  It just scared me more than anything.

I am hoping that these next few days will simply FLY by, and I will be en route to Houston quickly.  Oh, I cannot simply wait.

I am jumping for joy over a very encouraging response to an email I sent out with expectations of none.

I am missing many today.

I am smiling though.  Today is a good day!

all my love,

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  1. darling monster, this post warms my heart. i know this night did not quite turn out how you planned, but i am hopeful you were able to rescue the evening. i love you and appreciate your help! hugs, little one...can't wait to see you on thursday!