Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dream american cities

There have been some technical difficulties on my end regarding this blog thing.  THE WIFI IN MY HOUSE IS WACK.

Yet here I am, doing everything I can to give you a lovely post!

Inspired by the so-loved and lovely Kate at Speranza mi da vita (did I mention I LOVE her?!) I have composed a nice little list of my dream cities.  In no particular order.

Seattle, Washington  
(the only one I haven't been too...shhh!)
credit: blakemjordan

Atlanta, Georgia
credit: mboykin

New Orleans, Louisiana
credit: andrewdkeller

Birmingham, Alabama
credit: demozie

Fort Worth, Texas
credit: "junga"

San Francisco, California
yes, that's ME! in front of Coit Tower this summer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
credit: twg1942

San Antonio, Texas
me, again.  in a mission in SATX. yeah, i am cool like that and take my senior pics during a hurricane evacuation in a run-down spanish mission. (this was three years i am old)

Washington, D.C.
credit: oliviadodge

New York City, New York
that's me, one more time....behind the lens, two years ago.

I know that there are more cities that I have said I want to live in....and I will think of them in thirty minutes and be irritated that they weren't put in the blogpost.  Whatever. It's late and I am tired.

I like to think that the cities I have chosen are each rich in culture, history, art, and shopping (duh).  And completely full of charm and character!  And they are all BIG.  College Station has given me a taste of small-town and I don't think I want anymore of it.  I guess that is what happens when you grow up in the heart of the fourth largest city in the nation.

In all reality, I think I would be disappointed if I didn't return to Houston one day.  My family is here and I cannot imagine being any further from them than I am now.  Maybe when I become rich and fabulous I can have houses everywhere like Sandra Bullock. (Does that mean we should all keep our eyes open for a future restaurant too??)

all my love,


  1. No Oxford?! Disappointed, Hailie...
    Yes, yes, and yes to NOLA, Bham, DC, and NYC though.