Friday, January 28, 2011

New life goal...

I just want to be cool when I grow up. 
Not unlike the people on these blogs (here's a list of my current favorite fashion/design/awesomeness blog reads):

The personal blog of genius Joanna  Goddard, style maven.  I firmly believe that this woman is my brain twin and we were destined to be best friends or even sisters in another life.  She's simply fabulous.

 Apartment 34 got its start as an experimental way to capture home renovation inspiration for a newly purchased condo. It quickly morphred into a treasure trove of daily style inspiration of a 30ish girl, making her way in the world.  Fast forward three years and today Apartment 34 celebrates the details in life, inspiring thousands of readers with daily finds for all things fabulous including fashion, decor, weddings, interiors, travel, food, photography and whatever else happens to capture our eye.

One of the happiest blogs I've read in a long while- always good for a pick-me-up.

Summer Allen is a twenty-eight year old baker, illustrator, and mum. She finds much comfort in the simplicity of everyday life: cups of tea with friends, trips to the local bakery for colorful macarons, taking walks around her Portland neighborhood with her family, baking never-ending sweets, etcetera. Design is Mine is about sharing her daily finds in photography, art, typography, vintage, modern design, and handmade goods.

So many lovely little design ideas have been inspired right from these pages for me.  Enjoy!
As a stylish young interior designer living and working in New York City, I am constantly surrounded by habitually chic people, places and things. I hope you enjoy my musings on art, architecture, design, fashion, photography, books, events, and everything else habitually chic!

This is my first stop when I want to feel instantly more sophisticated and chic.  What gorgeous ideas this lovely lady has.

Physical Therapy student, alarmingly tall southerner, victim of pop music, chapstick addict with an affinity for all desserts, anthropologie, sweet tea and flats.

Another spot I always go to when I just want a little smile on my face.  And again, this girl ranks up there with the brain twins- she's excellent!

lover of all things dealing with culture & creativity, wanna be Top Chef, boutique connoisseur, queso obsessed texan, dreams of being artistic, organization junky, 1 part quirky + 1 part chic, explorer, photo crazed, dog lover, daughter, sister, and so much more...

Started reading this blog because Kelsey went to my school (and drove me home from school everyday when I was in middle school...the scary years) and haven't been able to stop reading it since.  She titles every post with 'lovely' and I cannot think of a more perfect word to describe both her and her taste.
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day was born in 2010 as an outlet for me to talk about some of my favorite things: books, music, fashion, paper goods, and interior design. Well, since we're being honest, this blog is a reflection of the little things that I find pretty, colorful, good reads or inspirational. There are no boundaries as to what can please my eye and I like to pay it forward to other people. 

I found this blog through another blog (A Cup of Jo, listed above) and have checked it every day since!  It has so many beautiful and fun things.  Did I mention that the inspiration for my room next year (I'm moving into a big girl townhouse with three other friends!) was found at this wonderful blog?  Pure genius.
I started The Sartorialist simply to share photos of people that I saw on the streets of New York that I thought looked great. When I worked in the fashion industry (15 years), I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life. 

If you don't follow, or at least haven't heard of, this insanely perfect blog, then you must be living under a rock.  This man is amazing and I'm sure has influenced fashion more than any other blogger EVER.  Check it.

I hope that through these blogs, you'll be as inspired as I have been!  
All my love,

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